Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Philadelphia - Mural Photo Shoot


On June 28th DPA instructor Hinda Schuman will be leading Advanced students around Philadelphia on a Mural Shoot. This Advanced workshop takes place on Sunday June 28th from 9am - 6pm. The tour will bypass the center city murals known far and wide, heading out to various neighborhoods. Students will photograph the murals as well as the neighborhoods they are located in. The class will consist of about 6 different murals more depending on time and energy. We will take time out for lunch and follow that with post processing at the School of Rock. Be prepared to go where you have not been--hopefully some new vistas will spark your creative visions. The mural arts program has been going strong for 25 years-- this year and it began as the Philadelphia Anti-graffiti network.


For more information and registration please visit,
click on PHILADELPHIA, or call our Booking Agent, Shelby toll free at 1.877.372.2231.

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